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The book you are about to read is about transformational living. It is not merely about change, but it is about the transformation that goes on in our lives when we face change. It is through transformation that we change and grow.

I have outlined eight essentials of managing transitions. I need to stress, however, that by limiting myself to these eight elements of managing change, I am not suggesting that these are the only ones to be considered. There may be other steps that will help you manage the changes in your life. The eight essentials that form the core of this book are those that have personally guided my clients, friends and other successful people mentioned in the following pages to manage the transitions in their personal and professional lives. I also have found that these principles have guided me through dramatic changes.

On October 31, 1992, I was downsized, or as some might say, fired. I felt fear, anger and rejection. Because I was about to turn 51, I also experienced panic wondering just how up-to-date my skills were in this fast changing world. But that day has proven to be one of the best days of my life and on Halloween each year I like to celebrate this birth date of the new me. I had a dream for many years, but needed this crisis to make it happen. My business was conceived and born in the next few months and this book contains the many lessons I learned through this process. My company was incorporated in 1997 and I am proud to say that I have trained thousands of managers and supervisors for companies like Proctor and Gamble, The Money Store, the State of California, the Internal Revenue Service, and Pride Industries. I also have spoken for hundreds of associations and organizations on the subject of change.

I have given a lot of thought to how I can help you benefit most from the practical advice I offer. Because the topic of transformational living is so important, I have included several exercises in the appendix to help you plan for your future. These exercises are explained in the corresponding chapters in the book; therefore, they will not be as meaningful without reading the chapter.

I have a few final words to those of you who are facing a major career decision because you have been downsized, reorganized or reengineered. This is not a book on how to get a new job. Although the principles will help you prepare for that new job, the focus of this book is on developing your career, not your job. This book is about how to search within yourself and discover a new direction for the passion that lies deep within you. For some of you it may be a passion you have had for years but have not followed through. For others, you may be feeling the pain of rejection from being let go or reassigned and you are struggling to revive a passion you once had. For all of you, I believe this book can transform your life because I have been where you are, and have discovered a new passion for the career I now have.

I trust that as you study and apply the principles in this book, you will find the passion, knowledge, faith, hope and skills to successfully chart the course for your new future.